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Approved Texas Online Courses


How do I know I'm eligible for the Texas defensive driving course?
Ans - You can know all about whether you are eligible or not from this site. However, one thing is that if you are taking the defensive driving online Texas you should be a resident of the place. The rules how you can take online defensive driving Texas from the defensive driving school Texas differs from one region to another.

How much time do I have to take out for the Texas state defensive driving course completion?
Ans - Normally, the defensive driving in TX course takes up to 3 to 6 hours to complete. You can split the time according to your pace or complete in one sitting only.

What is the time limit for the online defensive driving in Texas?
Ans - To be precise, you have to complete the TX defensive driving online course within 6 months from the day you register with our TX defensive driving school. This also goes for all defensive driving schools Texas as well.

What if I fail to complete the Texas state defensive driving course during those 6 months.
Ans - There are retakes, which you can take but that depends on the region you are staying. However, one important note is that you can be dismissed or terminated without any notice in most cases if you fail to complete the defensive driving Texas course from any Texas defensive driving schools .

Is the online Texas defensive driving course that you provide a Texas certified online defensive driving course?
Ans - Yes, all our TX defensive driving online courses are certified by the Texas Education Agency. We only offer you the Texas certified online defensive driving course.

What is the testing and grading policy of your TX defensive driving school?
Ans - We have interesting learning activities unlike any other Texas defensive driving schools. This is modeled into quizzes that will help you to adapt to the lessons and you can score well in the final exam. The marks obtained here have nothing to do with the final grading but it can definitely help you to score well. The final exam is necessary for you to score well and get the certificate of completion.

Is your online TX defensive driving school's site safe to use and operate?
Ans - Yes, it is 100%. We have a safe and secure site among all online defensive driving schools Texas . You don't have to worry about accessing our online defensive driving for Texas course.

How will get the Texas defensive driving certificate of completion?
Ans - In order to get the certificate of completion for the Texas state defensive driving course, you will have to complete the entire phase of the defensive driving school Texas curriculum. In case you don't complete it, we won't entertain to offer you the Texas state defensive driving certificate.

What kind of certificate delivery option do you provide for your TX defensive driving school?
Ans - We have included various options for delivering the certificate for the online defensive driving in Texas. The states have in fact different requirements and based on that we deliver the certificate. However, we have the service of premium delivery that is very convenient but for an additional cost.

What if I loss my certificate and need new one?
Ans - In case you lost your certificate, please inform us immediately. You can request for a reprint of the Texas approved online defensive driving certificate.

How do I make the defensive driving online Texas course payment?
Ans - Defensive Driving School TX offers you multiple payment options. We accept credit card or debit card with a MasterCard/Visa logo, personal check from our clients through our secure server. If any case you are reluctant to make the online payment then, you can also make the payment through the phone. You can contact our customer service representatives for that. You can also submit the payment by mailing to our corporate office. Go through our Contact Us page and you can send the personal check or money order through the given address.